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Non-Apple tablets to drop prices to be competitive with the 7-inch iPad

Before the iPad came into existence, the tablet market was not so much even a market. We had a few convertibles (laptops turned into tablets with the help of swivelled displays). But since the iPad came into the market, it has created a market which we did not even need. Agree? The 9.7 inch tablet has changed the lives of many individuals and the way a lot of corporates and businesses work. That is truly a magic.

But now, from quite some time, there have been rumors that the Cupertino tech giant has been working on bringing out a 7.85 inch iPad, which has been given the name iPad Mini. How far this story goes to be true is all together another debate, because we all know that Steve Jobs thought that 9.7 inches is the proper size for a tablet to be.

But since the company has managed to increase the size of the iPhone after Steve Jobs, we might as well see a smaller iPad. Now, how would the non-Apple tablet market react if the iPad Mini came true? There are many predictions, and DigiTimes has one today. The online publication has quoted some anonymous sources to be telling the following:

The sources are predicting that Apple will have a big influence on the 7-inch tablet market just like it currently has with its 9.7-inch iPad series and competitors will need to drop their tablet prices as well as provide more value-added features for the devices, said the sources. If major tablet makers were to drop product prices they would most likely not incur losses as many makers make a substantial amount of profits from 3G plans with telecommunication providers.

If this turns out to be true, we will be able to get the Kindle Fires and the Nexus 7’s for a lot less money. And the iPad Mini might actually grab a large bit of the market share pie (chart). Would you buy an iPad Mini if it comes to a store near you?

Source: DigiTimes

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