Nokia’s parking service will soon be available in Europe

With the new operating system, iOS 6, Apple also released all new Maps app. And we all know how well that was received. Even though Apple had a year long contract with Google to use Google Maps on their iOS, Apple delivered its own mapping service on the new smart phone and caused a lot of frustration for the users. Almost every company which has mapping service is trying to make use of this situation. The Cupertino tech giant officially apologized for the iOS Maps apps to its users and asked the user base to use any alternative such as Google Maps or Bing Maps.

Google is also in the process of developing an awesome and new Google Maps app for iOS, which will be released in a few months. Nokia, on the other hand, went to the extent of comparing its mapping service, the Ovi Maps, with Google Maps and Apple’s new iOS Maps to prove to the users that Ovi Maps is the best one around.

Today, the company has announced a new venture. The company is going to provide a parking service very soon in select European cities. Most parking services only provide directions and info about parking garages. But Nokia’s new service will provide directions and info about actual parking spots. How cool is that?

So once you have this, you can just consult your smart phone or navigation system to find a parking spot easily. But Nokia will not directly release an app for this. Instead, the company will make the service available to parking authorities. These authorities will then offer the service as to their clients. To begin with, the service will be available only in select areas in Europe, and will gradually grow out from there.