Nokia tells iOS 6 users to try its maps

Apple released the next version of iOS, the iOS 6, last week. iOS 6 is great and is packed with 200 new features. Apple has managed to sell 5 million iPhone 5’s in its opening weekend, which isn’t exactly what analysts had expected. Nevertheless, things are different on iOS 6 side of the news, and the new version of the mobile operating system is being deployed at blazing speed. Yes, over 100 million users have updated their devices which are compatible with the new version.

The reason behind the rapid deployment is due to two major factors. The first one being that the update is over the air, which makes the updating process a breeze. The second reason is introduction of long awaited features. While most of the features in iOS are great, it has also been criticized a lot. With iOS 6, Apple has stripped all the Google elements from its mobile operating system. The iconic Google Maps app which has been present on iPhone home screen since it was first launched has been replaced with Apple Maps, which is not all that great as it is marketed to be and is accused of misguiding users. For the new mapping app, Apple has teamed up with TomTom for their data set, which is a bit weak when compared to what Google is equipped with. After all these criticism, TomTom has responded saying that it just responsible for “foundation” of Apple Maps and has no hands in deciding the final user experience. Also, TomTom’s own iOS application works totally fine.

While there’s no reliable Google Maps on iOS 6, users are not helpless after all. You can still visit Google Maps via browser, but Nokia has an alternative solution too. Nokia tweeted saying “Nokia Maps is award winning. There is no need to be stuck with another mapping service on your smartphone.” Another tweet quoted a review of Nokia Maps in Forbes which said, “Unlike Google and Apple maps, Nokia Maps put customers at ease instead of causing anxiety.”

Well, Nokia maps are pretty great and functional, and it’s the latest move by the Finnish company to take advantage of Apple’s current situation, besides maps are considered to be Nokia’s major strength. You can try Nokia Maps by pointing Safari browser to No, you won’t be getting the app and it will be a normal web based service, just like the current Google Maps on iOS. There are also many alternative apps available in the App Store which are capable of giving turn by turn navigation, and as said above, TomTom has its own application and it works perfectly alright.
While Google Maps remains absent in iOS 6, Google is said to be working hard on a brand new app and is anticipated in a few months. In the meantime, web based Google Maps has improved a lot over the years and will suffice most of the needs. How is iOS 6 treating you? Let us know using the comment form below.

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