Nokia announces two new Asha devices

Nokia has failed badly in the smartphone segment, but it is gaining momentum in low to min-end phones. The Nokia Asha lineup has been pretty successful for the company. Nokia Asha lineup of devices are some of the most affordable phones you can buy from the Finnish mobile manufacturer. There are around 10 phones at the moment, and many are still in the pipeline. The Asha series is definitely appealing to someone who has a budget constraint and is looking for a feature phone rather than a powerful handheld device.

The company has just updated its Asha series of devices with two new devices. Say hello to Nokia Asha 309 and Nokia Asha 308.

Nokia Asha 309 and 308 is basically the same device, except that 308 supports dual-SIM functionality. They are virtually same and both the devices are equipped with 3 inch capacitive touch screens and yes, like all the phones in the Asha series, even these devices run on Series 40, but with a reworked interface. Apart from the dual-SIM functionality, there’s another difference between the two devices. The Nokia Asha 309 offers Wi-Fi connectivity, but supports only 1 SIM card, whereas the Asha 308 on the other hand supports dual-SIM cards, but offers no WiFi connectivity. In order to make the offering attractive, Nokia is bundling the device with 40 free Java games from Electronic Arts (EA) on both the devices.

Feature wise, these phones are great for the money. The devices are able to stream video through the browser, which is awesome as these devices are one of the most affordable Nokia touch phones one can buy. Apart from that, there’s nothing very special about these devices, but you cannot accept a lot because they have will priced accordingly too. There are some cost cutting measures taken by Nokia, such as the usage of 2 MP fixed-focus camera on the rear and the 3 inch display with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. We just hope the cost cutting measures don’t affect the build quality.

Like most of the Nokia phones, the company is also marketing Asha 309 and 308 as a music device. These devices can apparently deliver up to 40 hours of playback time. Apart from that, Nokia Maps, which happens to be the company’s main strength, will also feature in these handsets. Users will be able to get turn-by-turn directions to their destination. The 40 games which the phones will come bundled with are apparently worth €75, so that definitely adds value to the offering.
These devices should be very much affordable and are anticipated to retail with a price tag well under $100. The Nokia Asha 309 and 308 are expected to release in fourth quarter of this year.

The company has released videos and images on their website (the links are posted in the Source field). What are your thoughts on these two new devices? Will this help Nokia in the financial nightmare it is going through right now? Let us know using the comment form below.

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