No Linux on Intel Clover Trail

Intel has come out with its brand new line of chipsets, the Intel Clover Trials. These chips are the next generation of the Atom processors. Atom processors have been in the market for a long time, as long as there have been netbooks, you can say. Atom processors are low power consuming, moderately powerful processors for moderate computer usage. The new Clover Trail chips are a bit more powerful than the Atom chips and are optimized a lot to run the latest release of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 8.

Yes, the two companies, Intel and Microsoft, have worked together in the designing of this new processor technology. And hence, the chips are optimized to be used with the new Windows 8. For example, as Android Authority mentions, “Windows 8 will have the ability to control Clover Trail’s advanced power management features.”

What does this mean to Linux and Android fans? Well, since Microsoft is involved in the development of these chips, the company has made sure that the chips are not compatible with the Linux operating system, any distro for that matter. So installing Linux on a Clover Trail computer is ruled out, at least for the time being.

And as Android is based out of Linux and runs on a Linux kernel, the probability of installing an Android build on the chips is also doubtful. But the thousands of Android developers around the world are very intelligent and they usually make weird things happen. So we cannot be completely certain that Android will never run on a Clover Trail chip.

For people who are happy to run Windows 8 on the chip, but still want Linux installed on their computers, you have many options such as Virtual Machine and VM Ware. So do not worry yet.

Source: Android Authority

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