Nintendo Wii U to be region locked

Nintendo announced the new and awesome Wii U a few days back, and the hand held gaming console is for sure one of the best in the market. There are a lot of fans for the console and we are sure that the users of the new Nintendo Wii U will enjoy their games. But there is one thing that they are not going to like about the company and also the gaming console.

Nintendo has decided to put a region lock on the gaming console. This means that the hand held units sold in the US will be able to play only the games sold in the US, any game bought from outside of the country will not work on the device bought inside it. This is same for all the regions.

So, for fans of the awesome Japanese games, this will mean that you will not be able to play those awesome Japanese games because these will not be sold outside of the country and even if you import the games, you will not be able to get them playing on your device which you have bought in the US.

Many of the gaming consoles being released today used this kind of region locks, the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Play Station 3 for example. But the game studios that release the games for these consoles usually do not make use of the region locks for these consoles letting the window open for imported game titles. Can we expect the same to happen with the new Nintendo Wii U? Well, it is a bit too early to say anything about it.

If you are a Nintendo Wii U gamer, you will just have to wish that the game studios will release game titles without any kind of region locks.

Source: Myce