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Nexus 7 with 3G Rumored to Come in 6 Weeks

Since it was launched in July, Google’s and Asus’ Nexus 7 has been garnering many positive reviews and enjoying unprecedented sales as the most sought after tablet in the market.  This is the only tablet that sold out from the stores within a few days of launch, and it was for a good reason for that matter.

Despite the fact that this tablet lacked a few components that are almost a standard in tablets today including a rear camera and an SD or MicroSD slot for memory expansion, the tablet has won the hearts of many for being very versatile, high quality built and best of all, the cheapest po

werful computer in the market.

The latest rumors about the Nexus tablet is that there may be a 3G model in the works within 6 weeks (that is about a month and half).  The leak goes ahead to point out that Asus has ramped up the production of this version of Nexus 7 tablet and will be marketed as a data-ready and high end budget device.  The report also points out that the new version will not have that much hardware changes from the original version and may be available in both 8 and 16GB.

Most Nexus users love their device but two major shortcomings that they hoped Google and Nexus would address are the inclusion of a rear camera, preferably 5MP and above and a MicroSD card slot, especially for the 8GB version.  From this leak posted on Modaco though, it appears that there will be no change in the device aside from the inclusion of the 3G capability.  The Nexus is a very powerful tablet powered by a Tegra 3 quad core processor and already has WiFi, the 3G will be a very big advantage especially for those who have to use the tablet in areas where WiFi signals are weak or unavailable and need an alternative connectivity option.

Six weeks from now places this rumored launch on mid-October.  This ‘coincidental’ date may coincide with the release of Apple’s iPad mini which will be a direct competitor of the nexus.  There was no word on the pricing of the new 3G capable nexus though but we hope it will not be so different from the costs of the current versions.  The current WiFi only 8GB Nexus costs $200 while the 8GB goes for $250.  We hope that the pricing will be under $235 for the 8GB with 3G and under $285 for the 16GB version because we would not expect it to cost so much to install the 3G modules on the tablets.
Would you go for a 3G capable Nexus if it cost about $50 more?  Let us know what your thoughts are on this rumored release and how you think it’ll affect the launch of Apple’s iPad mini.

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