NexTab Introduces Cheaper Alternatives to Samsung Galaxy Note and Nexus

Cheap knock offs are usually very successful in Asia and emerging markets.  Take for instance the iPhone 4.  When it was introduced, all kinds of knock-offs and look-alikes emerged.  Most of these knock offs are introduced after the success of the originals.  The success of Samsung Galaxy Note and Google’s Nexus has given rise to brand new knock offs that are worthy of mention – this time not in China but in Taiwan.  We usually do not give these knock-offs much attention but when they are good – really good, they deserve a mention.

The nexus and galaxy note knock-offs come from a popular Taiwanese company called NexTab.  They unveiled the two clones at the 2012 COMEX tech bazaar and interestingly, the specs of these two clones are not that bad.

Grande, Note 2’s Clone

Nextab Grande is a 6 inch phablet designed to look a lot like the Galaxy Note.  Although it is not fully-fledged with the features that the Note came with, it’s larger screen makes it quite interesting and the fact that it can be held with one hand means that they went a step further and improved on the original they were copying.  ‘Grande’ is Italian for ‘big’, probably a name derived from the bigger screen.  Despite the larger size, it is still a light gadget.  Though it leads the original Galaxy note 2 in terms of screen size, this clone is however no match for the Note 2 when it comes to resolution.  It has a resolution of 800 X 600 while the Galaxy Note 2 has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

When it comes to processing speed, the Grande is still no match for the original as it boasts of a 1 GHz dual core processor whereas the original Galaxy Note 2 has a 1.6 Quad Core processor.  What is a letdown though with the clone is the 2.5 GB onboard memory, far from the original’s 16/32/64GB.  The Grande is available for a price of about $225 off contract which is way below what the Note 2 goes for.

Nexus 2

Google’s and Asus’ tablet the Nexus 7 is an impressive gadget that has won the hearts of many and rose to become the top tablet in the market at the moment.  When NexTab came up with its clone, the Nexus 2, which addresses the two issues that many users raised with the original tablet – the lack of Micro SD card slot and the operating system version.  Despite the name, Nexus 2 of course has nothing to do with the Galaxy Nexus that Samsung introduced while back.  I bet that the logic behing Nextab’s choice of the nexus name is to enjoy the wave of popularity associated with Nexus.

For about $225, you can get the Nexus – a 5 inch phablet that may not look as close as the original but it still has some close details such as design and the same hardware specs as the Grande.

The big question is, if these two devices were available in the US market, would you choose them over the originals because of the low price?  What do you think about this blatant copying?