Nexphone Team Appeals For Support On Indiegogo

A team creating a product called the NexPhone is asking for assistance via the website Indiegogo. The NexPhone is a smartphone that has been nicknamed “the brain in your pocket.” By itself, the smartphone will run on Ubuntu for Android software. This software will allow users to enjoy many apps designed for productivity and entertainment.  However, by means of a docking system, it can be connected to peripherals like the NexMonitor, NexLaptop, and NexTablet.

Connecting the NexMonitor with the NexPhone and a keyboard provides one with an office PC. Docking it into the NexLaptop gives one a portable computer. Lastly, attaching it to the NexTablet enables users to enjoy apps on a screen larger than the smartphone’s display.

Already, the NexPhone team is in talks with China-based ODMs to realize the product, as well as Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, for its software.

On Indiegogo, NexPhone has gotten $2,349 in donations, but the team is still a long way from their target of $950,000. This funding will provide the financial resources needed for making the initial NexPhone prototypes as well as help the team get ready for manufacturing the actual products. If they are able to raise the money, they will initiate another product for the actual production process.

Those who support the project are offered various rewards, depending on the amount of their contribution. These range from a sincere “Thank You” from the NexPhone team for those who give a dollar, to a personal visit from Emre Kosmaz, the person leading the team behind the NexPhone. Kosmaz may discuss the business or design aspects of the phone with a donor who gives $10,000 for the project.

Even at this stage, the NexPhone team has already estimated the prices for the actual products. The NexPhone and the NexDock will cost $499; NexTablet Dock will sell for $149; the NexLaptop Dock, $199; and the NexMonitor Dock with keyboard and trackpad, $199.

via tablet-news