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New Sony Xperia Phones Get Possible Pricing in Eurozone

The first European pricing information for Sony’s new Xperia line up (Xperia T, V and J) has surfaced as numerous different German retailers have put up the handsets for pre-order availability. According to the online stores, Idealo and notebooksbilliger, the high-end Xperia T is listed with a €549 price tag, while the Xperia V with LTE connectivity will be priced at €580. That equals out to $690 and $729 USD respectively. Those devices aside, the budget-focused Xperia J will be selling for €265 (which is $333 in USD). Honestly, these prices aren’t bad at all, especially the budget-priced Xperia J handset. Even though it’s budget priced, it still has some really good specifications for a phone. Sure, it’s not going to be as good as the other handsets, but it’s still pretty nice for a smartphone. I should also note that these prices are SIM-free prices, so as always, if you decide to pick one of these bad boys up with a contract, you’ll have to play a considerably less amount of cash (which I’m sure will equal out by the time the contract ends).

We’ve already seen one of the United Kingdom retailers report SIM-free pricing for the budget Xperia J, and with a SIM-free pre-order price of £190 (which again, isn’t bad at all), Clove’s pricing actually closely resembles this pricing from what we’re currently seeing from the various German retailers. This means that we can probably plan on paying the listed amounts without any doubt. As you know though, pre-order pricing is always subject to change and can possibly change in a moments notice. With so many retailers posting the same RRP though, it’s very likely that the final pricing on these devices are final or at least won’t be moving far from what we have seen so far. These new Xperia phones from Sony are expected to appear in retailers tomorrow (September 5th), starting at the UK retailer, Carphone Warehouse.

While I am really excited for this, I wonder how well they will do with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 releasing this year as well. That said, it’ll all probably depend on the publicity these Xperia handsets get along with their recent push for innovation with the Xperia S and the AOSP project. If you didn’t know, they released the binary files for the Xperia S so that AOSP development could continue. Not only that, but they binary files are available for public use, not just Google who is developing the AOSP. That said, this new publicity they are getting could result in higher sales of their new Xperia lineup. These handsets could be even more popular if we see Sony releasing binary files for these devices so that AOSP development could carry over to newer handsets and devices. I think that for the moment though, the Xperia S is a good start and hopefully everything will work out so that we can see the AOSP on these new Xperia phones too. Surely it will increase their publicity and sales.

Is anyone interested in getting one of these Xperia devices?

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source: Android Central

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