New Models of Mobile Phone

New smartphones are hitting the shelves practically every week as mobile phones
manufacturers seek to keep up with our ever-increasing thirst for our phones to be the latest and greatest example of the available technology. It can become confusing for the average consumer to find their way in this congested marketplace, or even know which handset represents the latest version of its kind. Here are some that you should definitely consider if you’re in the market for a new mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S III
The strongest contender to Apple’s iPhone 4S, and designed to compete not necessarily in terms of technological capability, but in terms of usability – as Samsung themselves say, they want the Galaxy S III to feel like it was ‘designed for humans.’ It has numerous features that are supposed to embody this philosophy: for example, using innovative technology its Smart Stay feature allows it to recognise when its owner is actually looking at it, allowing it to adjust the brightness of the screen accordingly, and both improving function and saving battery power. Instead of taking one picture the Galaxy S III’s 8 Megapixel camera takes a burst of eight simultaneous shots meaning that unsightly features like the target blinking can be eliminated. These kind of smart, intuitive features certainly give the Galaxy S III an edge, but this is certainly not a flimsy model either in terms of its ‘tech specs’. It goes from 16GB to a belting 64GB of internal memory runs an HD video-recording system, and the latest Android 4.0 operating system. It also looks great with a slim, sleek exterior and impressively large touchscreen. A combination of factors which means that more and more people when shopping for a new smartphone are no longer automatically thinking iPhone, but are starting to think Galaxy S III instead.

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