New Findings Show Foreman Had Bias In The Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit

It’s definitely no surprise that the recent Apple vs Samsung verdict made many fans of Android and iOS all over the world pretty angry. It’s also no surprise that Samsung not only disagrees with, but also plans on fighting Apple until their very death. It now seems as if Samsung Electronics, the Korean tech giant, now has additional firepower needed to contest the court’s ruling and be granted a retrial. Oh boy. We’re in for a big fight now. During the jury selection process, a foreman who happened to be part of the jury selection pool as a prospective juror had been originally asked if he will set aside everything that he currently knew about patent law, while being able to follow the court’s instructions and make an objective judgement based off the evidence that was put in front of the jury alone. The prospective juror whom was eventually selected to be part of the jury answered yes to the questions, as he had promised to follow the law and now use what he has known from any previous cases to this one.

Lawyers on both sides of the case have taken precautions to extensively check and analyze (carefully) the responses that were based off of the participants within the jury. Naturally, the foreman decided for some reason or another, that he would break his promise to follow the complete law and not have any sort of bias towards a company. Interviews that the foreman was in, proved that there was indeed bias in this case. So, now we have all of this out in the open, this could really turn out to be another huge feud. We’re also seeing the legal experts to begin presenting this information and facts, this is really giving Samsung Electronics a huge reason to aggressively push forward with contesting and appealing the recent verdict. If this was all bias, things could definitely turn out on the other side of things. However, Groklaw pointed out that there is “The tendency is for jury verdicts to stand, even if there is a problem.“ Samsung really has an insanely long battle ahead of them. Though, it may be worth it to keep a lot of their devices in the United States.

While we really thought this Apple vs Samsung verdict was coming to an end, we didn’t think this would of been the way that Samsung would of reignited it. A bit before the iPhone 5 released, Samsung Electronics claimed that they were going to use Apple for their LTE Connectivity. Of course, that was on the basis that Samsung’s patents were not FRAND. Still, Samsung may continue to sue Apple, but they surely want to get this $1+ billion fine off their backs in the most recent ruling. Apple has really been getting fired at lately, between Motorola, HTC and Samsung, Apple may not be in good shape as we saw all of the lawsuits move forward.

Buckle up everyone, we’re in for another long ride on the Apple vs Samsung bandwagon.

source: talk android


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