Need For Speed: Most Wanted Will Let You Mod Your Car Using Kinect

Criterion, developer for Need for Speed: Most Wanted has detailed the game’s Kinect functionality, as this stunning racer speeds closer to its launch date (I am honestly hoping Kinect does not ruin this title). This new Need for Speed installment includes quite an arsenal of various car customization options, which Criterion said was easily accessed through Need for Speed’s EasyDrive menu. While that’s cool and all, with the Kinect functionality you’ll able to shout at your TV and select various mods on the go. I’m not too keen on shouting at the TV, myself, but at least it’s supposedly an easy way to do things.

“You’re on the highway and just can’t shake that Corvette cop car that’s nibbling at your heels. There’s no time to stop and switch cars, no time to find a cool down area. Lucky for you, Most Wanted is Kinect enabled. BOOM!” a blog post on the official Need for Speed website said. If you’re in a pinch and need some new tires, you can easily shout “Mods! Tires!” and then whatever tire you’re looking for and your vehicle will be equipped with those bad boys instantly. The best part is that you can continue racing while you’re doing this. It’s pretty easy. At least it sounds easy. The Kinect is known to have some issues (which Microsoft has even admitted and as a result is making the Kinect 2.0 to address that), but hopefully that won’t affect the on the fly modding in Criterion’s upcoming Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
Anyone look forward to this game?
source: EuroGamer

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