Motorola’s Webtop Connector Replaced With Verizon Lapdock

Motorola Mobility and Google has finally put an end to the life of the Webtop. This is no surprise though. Motorola has either announced or released a few different types of phones lately, but we’ve never heard a single mention about Webtop or Lapdocks. Verizon is actually unloading all of their Lapdock 100’s for a small price of $50.

Many people actually thought the latest update to 3.0 was rather good. I’ve never used it before, but the public seems to be pretty happy with it. The concept of it all is fantastic, but the actual physical product sounds cheap and not worth the money. Of course, that may be me just being picky, but I really feel that if they want to charge $50 for essentially what is a glorified HDMI cable, they really need to make it more robust.

Word’s been going around that Google is the one who killed off Webtop, which is fine as many of us were wondering how much longer Motorola would be able to keep Webtop alive anyway. We’re sure it wasn’t going to be to long before they would get rid of it. While this may be the end for Motorola’s version of the Webtop, it’s pretty safe to think that Google and Motorola will be whipping something similar to Webtop up as they move forward. Hopefully this means that this time around Google and Motorola will have time to put in a proper UI and also be fairly price sensitive with it. Something like this device really needs to have the mainstream for any sort of success. Unfortunately Webtop only catered to the geeks, and I would argue that there were not many geeks with the phone due to Motorola’s strict bootloaders.

Is anyone sad to see Webtop go away? Let us know in the comments below!

source: talk android

2 Replies to “Motorola’s Webtop Connector Replaced With Verizon Lapdock”

  1. I am very sad to see it go as it was the only real thing keeping me with Motorola. I love the new Webtop 3.0 and use it constantly. It is a VAST improvement from the first version of Webtop which really was pretty useless. I am currently using it on my Droid Bionic as of the update to ICS. It is a dual core 1ghz processor and the product would have only gotten better down the road as we got more memory and processing power from our phones. This would have been killer with a Quad processor and 2 gigs of RAM. I will admit that the Lap Dock 100 is cheaply built and is lacking in some features namely scrolling from the mouse pad but all that was addressed with the Lap Dock 500 which is an awesome product. In all honestly with all the waiting for my Bionic to get ICS, Webtop 3.0 was the only thing that was keeping me from going to a different phone altogether.

  2. I am sad to see it go if only in theory. The actual practice of it was woefully lacking. I rooted on my razr before the ICS update and was running a version of Ubuntu. That was the bee’s knees. Now I just need to do it again.

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