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Motorola RAZR I Revealed, Features Include 2GHz CPU, Super AMOLED Display

Motorola and Intel launched a joint event in London on Tuesday revealing Motorola RAZR i, which features Intel Medfield chipset with single-core processor clocked at 2GHz. While Google’s newly-acquired company wants to offer it to a global market, it seems like it will make its debut in the UK/Europe first where pre-orders have already started.

Image: Engadget

So far, it would be the first smartphone to hit UK with a powerful Intel processor based on x86 architecture. Motorola Mobility is confident it could outperform even the top-class ARM-based processors as well as the A5 chip used in iPhones. The pre-release test units sent to select tech firms and bloggers showed how powerful the processor is. It supports hyperthreading despite being a single-core, and according to GSM Arena it was built on the 32nm manufacturing process.

Another amazing feature of Motorola Razr I is its display. It comes with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced screen featuring qHD resolution. It also has 40% higher pixel density as with Apple iPhone 4S and 15% higher compared to the newly-launched iPhone 5. Needless to say, Motorola wants to give this device superior processing performance as well as top-notch display.

Motorola RAZR I sports an 8MP primary camera which can be started in a second, a result of having 2GHz processor. It could also snap up to 10 pictures in less than one second and reviews suggest Motorola has equipped this device with better photography technology as pictures appear to be crisper and have a balanced color.

Having a powerful processor and better display would mean this device eats up power more than other devices with lower specs. So, Motorola has given this handset 2000 mAh battery that is expected to last around 14 to 15 hours of average to heavy usage before requiring a recharge.

Motorola RAZR I is expected to hit UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico in the beginning of October and should cost about £340/€420.


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