Motorola Droid RAZR M 4G LTE caught on video

Motorola made it to the news few days back with leaked pictures of Motorola XT907 – an LTE device bound for Verizon. Verizon is going to call it as Droid RAZR M 4G LTE. The company is expected to unveil this phone on September 5 in New York.

According to full specs and details that were leaked yesterday, the device will be featuring a 4.3″ qHD Super AMOLED display with ColorBoost, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP rear camera, 3MP front camera, 4G LTE, on-screen navigation keys, NFC, Gorilla Glass 2, and Ice Cream Sandwich.

The phone was previously thought to be Droid Mini, but that definitely isn’t the case now. The RAZR M is an interesting midrange device, and is expected to take over where the Droid RAZR left off. Also, this device will be positioned below the upcoming higher end Droid RAZR HD, an all-new that was leaked recently.

The above image of Droid RAZR M 4G LTE shows a tall and thin smartphone that has a design that is very similar to original Droid RAZR. It even uses the same touch screen display and resolution that was featured in its predecessor. Droid Razr was of course one of the best phones on Verizon’s list when launched 9 months ago. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9, PowerVR SGX 540 @ 300 MHz, 1 gig of RAM and 16 gig of flash memory. Original Droid Razr has a 1780 mAh battery, however, Motorola released another version of the device (The RAZR MAXX) with a higher capacity battery, which actually took the market by storm. The RAZR MAXX comes with a 3300mAh Li-Ion battery, which easily increases the battery capacity by 85% over the 1780mAh battery found on the RAZR. In order to accommodate the larger battery, RAZR MAXX’s overall thickness is 8.99 mm as opposed to RAZR’s 7.11 mm depth.

Even though the screen size and resolution of Droid RAZR M is same as the original Droid RAZR, there’s a difference which sets it apart from its predecessors. Droid RAZR M sports the ColorBoost technology which was first seen on Motorola Atrix HD from AT&T. The Droid-like design on RAZR M with an extremely thin bezel makes it one of the classiest handsets of all time, and of course fits perfectly into the Droid lineup from Motorola.

On paying close attention to the leaked image, we can see a port which looks like an HDMI port. The phone may not have access to Webtop or Lapdock in order to keep overall costs down, however, that’s just a rumor we heard and nothing can be said until it’s launched. Even though the screen is still stuck at qHD, the device’s dimensions, along with the stylish Kevlar backing that houses an 8MP camera on the back side makes it look like a high end smartphone.

Majority of smartphones out there make use of a front camera that is less than 2 megapixels, but according to the leaked specs, Droid RAZR M is going to have a 3 megapixel camera, which effectively blows the competition out of water in this category. Gorilla Glass 2 is used to protect the large display, which is nice. If you don’t know what Gorilla Glass 2 is, it is basically the second generation of the popular Gorilla Glass from Corning. Gorilla Glass 2 was announced in early 2012 and is essentially a glass that is 20 percent thinner than the original material while offering the same scratch resistance, the same strength and enhanced touch-sensitivity.

Leaked photos are a great way to see how a phone looks like, but a video is even better. Video of Motorola Droid RAZR M in action can be viewed over here. In the video, the phone looks very responsive, and this is definitely desirable. The device looks pretty decent to say the least.

The phone is said to cost $149 on 2-year contract and customers will have the option to choose from white and black. Motorola Droid RAZR M will make a great mid-range device. Motorola has an event lined up in New York on September 5th and we expect the RAZR M and the RAZR HD to be revealed that day. What are your thoughts on RAZR M. Connect with us using the comment form below.

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