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Motorola Atrix HD receives major OTA update but not Jelly Bean

The news that Motorola Atrix HD OTA update has already been pushed actually stirred tech communities especially the owners of the smartphone. We were actually hoping that it’s going to be Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. But, no, it’s just a major update. Basically, Atrix HD will remain at Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with no sign of getting another update this year. If ever Motorola or Google is planning to put the newest version of Android into this device, it might happen next year.

But Jelly Bean or not, owners still have reasons to be happy with the recent update for Atrix HD knowing it fixes all of the known problems plus enhances aspects needed to be improved. Here are some of the highlights of this update.

WiFi Improvement. This is the first on the list of things that needed to be improved because basically, this is where Motorola flopped when it released this handset. Just days after Atrix HD was released in July, a lot of owners were complaining because they can hardly detect a Wi-Fi network. Others say they were often cut off after a few minutes of internet usage. Apparently, it was a software issue.

Camera Enhancement. AT&T code scanner is made more accurate by this update and the low-light performance of the sensor is improved. The changes list provided by Motorola says blurriness was reduced but only a few, specifically those with keen eyes as far as photography is concerned, may notice this change.

Security Patches. The hackers’ convention that happened last month in Las Vegas actually made an impact on the overall security of Android OS. Security personnel from different tech firms pointed out many flaws in Android’s core, so Google recently provided manufacturers security patches to be implemented on their devices.

Battery Life Improved. This update actually fixed hundreds of inconsistencies and bugs both in hardware and software. Thus, battery performance will see radical improvement as bugs that possibly drain battery faster were eliminated.

For owners of this unit, Motorola provided step-by-step guide on how to download and install the update. You may visit this link.

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