Moshi coming up with iPhone 5 cases soon

Apple announced the next gen iPhone, the iPhone 5 few days back and few people have already gotten their hands on this exciting device. The device is great, and the build quality is awesome, but giving the device some extra care wouldn’t hurt, would it? May be some kind of case will keep the device safe from surrounding elements while also increasing the probability of it surviving a drop.

Majority of the users avoid getting a case because most of the cases out there are bulky, and since iPhone is a wonderful device, why would somebody want to ruin its appearance? Yes, the cases offer protection, but still. For those who want both, protection and style, Moshi is going to offer few products for the new iPhone which has best of both worlds.

Moshi is a premium electronics and accessories maker. They are well know for manufacturing cases for high end devices and popular for the selection of materials and its products are designed in such a way that overall value of the device is preserved. Cases for the iPhone 5 from such a company is a good news as people won’t be hesitant in buying one of these.

Moshi has officially announced that they will be launching a full line-up of cases and screen protectors for Apple’s new iPhone 5 smartphone. The new lineup will consist of six iPhone 5 cases and the company is anticipating the lineup to be ready by 4th quarter of 2012. Apart from the cases, the company will also be marketing its best-selling iVisor screen protectors for iPhone 5, and they’re already shipping this. The iVisor screen protectors are well known for the protection they offer. Moshi is marketing two versions of this screen protector for the iPhone 5. The first one is the iVisor AG which adds anti-glare properties to the screen apart from the protection of course. The other version is called as iVisor XT, and it is glossy. Both the variants will retail with a price tag of $25.
The most notable cases include the ingenious kickstand case, a honeycomb-structured silicone case, and an aluminum-backed case with an elegant diamond-cut opening to highlight the Apple logo.

Below are the details about some of the cases:

iGlaze Armour: sleek hard shell case
iGlaze Armour has a resilient polycarbonate frame combined with metallic back plate which should promise superior iPhone protection while not trading style. iGlaze Armour is also equipped with a buffer film which should keep the case looking fresh even after rigorous use.

Origo: honeycomb silicone case
Origo is a silicone case. It’s slim and should ensure perfect fit. It apparently has this distinctive honeycomb structure which delivers extra shock absorption without adding bulk.
The case also covers the home button, so it will also shield the button from collecting dust.

iGlaze Kameleon: hard shell case with kickstand
iPhone is a great multimedia device. This case is a luxury hard shell case and has a highly-resilient polycarbonate frame. It also has an aluminum kickstand, which will further enhance the usability of the phone.

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