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Moo Prepares NFC-Enabled Business Cards

Moo, a company that dedicates itself to creative innovative business cards, will offer business cards that are enabled with NFC technology starting early next year. The cards come with an embedded microchip and antenna which can send data from the card to an NFC-enabled mobile phone once users tap the card and the handset together. This eliminates the need for scanning a QR code or typing information about a company on one’s smartphone.

The business cards, which Moo touts as “the business card of the future” provides a “dynamic side” to a business card. Moo envisions that the cards will be used for directing a smartphone to a website or apps. They may be used to give customers the business card owner’s portfolio or show a map. The smartphone may be instructed to save the card owner’s contact details on the handset, as well. Typically, such details and content are taken from the Internet since the embedded microchip is still unable to store a large amount of information.

Business card owners are permitted to rewrite NFC cards so that they are kept up-to-date, even if they do not have access anymore to the business card they gave away.

To entice customers, Moo explains Near Field Communication technology in layman’s terms on their website.  NFC, in a nutshell, according to Moo, is “a protocol by which a wireless conversation is conducted between two pieces of closely-held electronics.” The technology is currently available on travelling passes, some door systems, and credit cards. Many smartphones, however, are now compatible with the technology, which allows companies like Moo to explore its many uses.

Moo is currently throwing in a free NFC-enabled business card with any set of business cards ordered from the company. It is also working on an Android app to allow users to update their card easily. The prices for the business cards are yet to be announced. However, its prices are not expected to be low, since they are part of the company’s Luxe Business Cards collection which has products currently ranging from $35 to $200 a set.

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