MOGA Bluetooth Controller Available October 21st For $49.99

Controllers are really helpful for when it comes to touch devices. There’s a new Bluetooth controller from Power A called the MOGA to help with all of that. The company said that it would be available in time for the holidays, and they delivered by releasing it a bit earlier! They’ve announced that the controller will be available in stores starting on October 21st for a small price of $49.99 (which really isn’t that bad). This is actually the first fully featured controller that has become available for mobile devices (I wonder if it’ll work with tablets?). The controller is pretty standard, it has your dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, four action buttons and the standard start and select buttons. One of the better parts of this controller is that it also has a holder for your device so you can easily game on the go.

Power A is offering a Software Development Kit for the MOGA controller for free for developers that want to provide this console-gaming experience for their users. Power A is also trying to make it much easier for users to find games that are compatible with the MOGA controller by offering the MOGA Pivot app. The goal of the app is so that users are able to find and browse all of the more “enhanced” games. There’s been a number of different top developers that are already  jumping on board and getting ready to publish various games that is compatible with the MOGA. Some of those top companies include Gameloft, Atari, Namco Bandai, Sega, and Remedy Entertainment. That’s just a few of the many top developers.  Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises HD, Asphalt 7: Heat HD and Dungeon Hunter 3 along with Remedy Enertainment’s Death Rally are already supporting the MOGA controller. Hopefully that the fact that these developers are jumping on board will encourage smaller companies to also jump on board.

The MOGA Mobile Gaming System will also be coming with a free downloadable application called the MOGA PivotTM and also a soft case. Purchasing the MOGA will also get you two free games: Sonic CDTM and PAC-MAN by Namco. This is a limited time offer though, so you won’t be able to get this six months down the road. That said, with the two free games, the controller and the free app, this is totally worth $49.99. I’m really excited to get this controller, I’m really looking forward to seeing other developers support it. Seeing games like Horn or The Bard’s Tale support the controller would be extremely fun to play with the controller.

Is anyone excited to start using the controller or would you rather just use the built-in touch controls the games have? I honestly prefer controller over touch, but that’s just a personal preference. Touch to me just isn’t the ideal way to play games on, thus this MOGA controller is the perfect opportunity to help Android gamers get the most out of their games on their mobile devices.

source: talk android