Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade 2012 Shows Uninspiring Sales

This year’s Summer of Arcade promotion for Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) has posted their overall sales that are quite uninspiring. The Kinect Angry Birds themed game Wreckateer has actually been the worse selling Summer of Arcade title in this promotion since the year of 2009. Wreckateer was able to grab 6629 players during its first week of sales, Gamsutra reported, this has been the worse total for a Summer of Arcade game since 2009 (the Summer of Arcade promotion started in 2008, but there are actually no records to chart that year’s sales).

2012’s Summer of Arcade selection was packed with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Wreckateer, Deadlight, Hybrid and Dust: An Elysian Tale. Hybrid and Dust is a third-person shooter from developer 5th Cell, followed Wreckateer as the promotion’s second worst-selling game since they began tracking all of the records from this sale. It was able to grab 12,168 players in its first week of sale. 8150 people jumped on board in the second week, and then 2654 more during its third week of sales.

The number actually weren’t all that bad for Tony Hawk HD during its first week of sales. It saw 98,000 people sign up in it’s first week, while more than 53,000 gamers purchased Deadlight and 32,000 purchased Dust: An Elysian Tale. Really, 2012 hasn’t been a entirely bad year for Xbox Live Arcade gaming. Trials Evolution and Minecraft, as you would expect, made sales records explode, while indie success like Fez and Spelunky have found critical acclaim.

Counter Strike: GO was able to record over 145,000 players during it’s first week of sales. It’s definitely demonstrated that while this Summer of Arcade sale may have extraordinarily low, there’s still life on the platform to be found.

source: Eurogamer

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