Microsoft warns users about the IE security flaw

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser is the default internet browser that comes preinstalled on all Windows computers. The software has been the most used internet browsers for many years until recently a more advanced, well designed, and more secure internet browser, Google Inc.’s Chrome, took the title of the most used internet browser. But there are still many loyal users of the Internet Explorer that Microsoft programs, and now, they are at the risk of getting hacked.

The Redmond based operating system giant has recently discovered a security flaw in its internet browser and is advising users to take care of their personal details on their computers and other data as there is a risk of hackers using this flaw to hack into computers. The company has also released a temporary patch for Internet Explorer to close the gates for the hackers. But there is only so much the patch can do.

The company is working on modifying the code of the software to permanently rectify the flaw. The patch that the company is advising the users to download and install is called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, or EMET in short.

Users who are using Internet Explorer as their primary internet browser are supposed to download this EMET tool and manually configure the patch to make their browsers somewhat secure till the actual patch is released by the company. But the company’s instructions as to how the tool needs to be configured is a bit technical and there is a doubt whether every home user will be able to follow the guide.

There is no time given by Microsoft for the release of the update to Internet Explorer. But security experts say that the company may not take more a week’s time to come up with a permanent solution. Till then, security experts also suggest that using a different browser which is more secure, such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, would be a better solution.

So if you are an Internet Explorer user, you better switch to a more secure browser soon, at lease for time being.

Source: Reuters

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