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MG $1m Funding to Build New Android Gaming System

The recent very successful OUYA project which targeted to raise $950,000 in 30 days to produce a cheap gaming system and ended up raising $8 million within a few weeks has inspired folks at MG who now want to raise $1 million for a new Android gaming console just like OUYA’s via Kickstarter.  The main marketing line of this new device is its ultra-slim portable design that is designed easier use, unique shape and its capability to utilize the freemium applications on the Google Play marketplace.  What is also different with this new Android gaming system is that it comes with an in-built transaction system to control all transactions if need be.

Although OUYA was very successful, getting over 57,000 pre-orders even before the actual device is manufactured, one of the biggest challenges MG will face in its quest is raising the required $1 million.  This is because such a console faces stiff competition from the many tablets in the market now which are wonderful gaming devices the way they are. Also, the introduction of third party gaming accessories such as Nyko and companies such as ARCHOS releasing tablets with inbuilt game controllers.  It would have been more intriguing for MG to come up with a non-tablet and non-phone gaming device to attract a whole new market.

After 7 days, the MG project has managed only $27,000 from 209 backers.  The project is going to end in 23 days and will be funded only after $950,000 has been raised.  What is intriguing though is that this new device is a high end gadget with impressive specs for such a small gaming gadget with a $99 price tag.  It is touted as a device with an ergonomic design which will offer unlimited games for early backers.  Although this new gaming device is not as impressive in specs as Ouya’s, it is still quite decent for a handheld gadget.

Here are its core specs:

Processor: 1 GHz TCC8925 Cortex A5 processor

Display: 4 inch 480×800WVGA Capacitive Touch screen


Storage: 4 GB inbuilt flash memory and MicroSD slot for memory expansion

Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Camera: 1.3 Megapixel front camera for video and still image capture

Battery: 1880mAh

Others: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Micro USB 2.0 HS, Compass, Gyroscope and Accelerometer sensors and a Stereo headset jack

It will not be easy for MG to take on regular phones and tablets in the gaming market because the device does not have a ‘gaming feel’.  Personally, I already have an S3 and a Transformer tablet and investing in another android device which does not offer so much compared to what my phone and tablet do is not wise.  But then, that is just me, are you going to support the folks at MG back their project?  It needs about a million dollars in funding and they are approaching the 30,000 mark already, if you can, you should check out their Kickstarter page here.

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