LG Optimus G to hit US shores in November

We all know that LG has been trying its best to get into the smart phone sphere again with its newest smart phone, the Optimus G. The company has put in a lot of technology in making this smart phone ring a bell in the potential customers’ minds. The smart phone has killer features and specs which would definitely make a customer consider it. But will the LG Optimus G seal the deal for the company? Well, only time can answer that question.

But for now, LG has announced its plans for the smart phone. The company has already released the Optimus G in the South Korean market for its customers to buy and enjoy the gadget. But the US release was not yet certain. Not anymore. LG has made it official that it will be releasing the smart phone for sales in the US in the month of November this year. That’s a two month wait, but it might be worth the wait after all.

LG has tried to do something new with this particular device. The form factor of the smart phone is a kind of an indication of the company’s efforts to stand out in the crowd. The form factor is a very clean rectangle with a little bit of rounded edges. Not just the form factor, but LG has even put in a lot of technology into the smart phone.

The LG Optimus G runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor, the one which is really getting into a lot of Android smart phones these days. And to support the numerous apps that the users may install on the smart phone, LG has provided 2 gigs of RAM in the device. Another very notable feature of the phone is the whooping 13MP camera on the back. The standard these days is just an 8MP camera.

But the only negative about the phone is that it will come with ICS, and not Jelly Bean. But we can expect an update to Jelly Bean pretty soon.

Source: SlashPhone