LG Optimus G Promotional Surfaces Again, Focuses On Camera This TIme

LG is continuing to try and amaze the world of the launch of their new superphone, with another promotional video. Getting sick of these yet? Well, this time the camera on the upcoming LG Optimus G is the center of their attention here, with some very bold claims being made by this Korean OEM. We’re promised to be seeing a rear 13 mega pixel camera, which, in some markets, will be reduced to 8 mega pixels. It’s also supposed to have world beating image quality for smartphones, but honestly, I think some of the Xperia handsets have some really nice cameras that LG may have not thought of. The ultra slim camera module was developed in house by LG Innotek, and is supposed to have one of the largest pixel counts on a handset like this to date. As always (and this really goes for anything,) mega pixels mean absolutely nothing if the quality of the image is terrible. We’ll just have to see how LG makes this happen when the handset officially releases.


An emphasis on new technologies, and “state of the art” seems to be the focus of the video, with the design of the handset itself not being compromised for a huge camera. How would they go about doing that though? Oh, it’s easy really, just make a brand new camera to fit their device! Yes, the video makes it sound like the most simplistic task in the world. I’m pretty amazed at what they were able to do with it, I mean, they really did make it sound like it was a very easy task to complete. I would love to have a 13 mega pixel camera with great image quality. Though, I am still hesitant about the Optimus G with my previous experience with LG phones.

In the video, features such as a time machine camera, smart shutter and voice activated shooting were also mention a bit, but not heavily. In essence, it seems that the Optimus G is really shaping up to be one of the best Android smartphones to date. The more we learn about this new handset, the more intrigued with it I get. It’ll really be interesting to compare the Xperia cameras with the Optimus G and see how they turn out in comparison. Still, I am not very sure that the “worlds best” is a great advertising line for them.

Is anyone excited for the LG Optimus G handset? Having 13 mega pixels with this new camera technology that LG has managed to built sounds pretty cool, but at the same time, Sony is coming out with a similar handset that boasts of 13 mega pixels. If you were to make a decision right now without being able to see hands on videos, what handset would you choose?

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source: android central