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Leaked Screenshots Suggesting Galaxy Note 2 Coming To Verizon & AT&T

Earlier this week we have already seen leaks that have suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy Note II may be headed to both Sprint and T-Mobile in the United States. Today we have seen further leaks that has indicated that both AT&T and Verizon could also be getting this handset. Several different leaked screenshots that were obtained by BriefMobile has seemingly confirmed the existence of the SGH-i317 for AT&T and SCH-i605 for Verizon Wireless. If these leaks are accurate, this would indicate that the Galaxy Note 2 will be launching on all four major mobile networks.

Samsung Electronics still has not confirmed its plans for the Galaxy Note 2 here in the United States. If the company were able to secure a spot on all four of the largest carrier though (like they did with the Galaxy S III), it’d be another big win for the Korean tech giant. We’ve seen Samsung sell over 20 million Galaxy S III’s in only 100 days of its launch which means the Galaxy Note 2 could do just as well. Also, with a possible Galaxy Note 2 launch on Big Red is actually kind of surprising considering that the carrier is likely to launch two different competing devices at the same time – LG’s Intuition (Optimus Vu 2) and HTC’s rumored 5 inch handset. What we know right now is that Big Red was supposedly preparing these devices to compete against the Galaxy Note 2 on other networks. It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out now.

Just take this with a grain of salt though. Sure, variants of the Galaxy Note 2 exist on each major carrier now, but just because we’ve seen this does not mean these variants will be seeing the light of day. We’ve all seen various devices to have been pulled right before release in the past, so it is very possible that this could happen in this scenario too. Whatever the case, I’m sure anyone that is a fan of their Galaxy Note will be delighted to see the Note 2 coming to all four major United States carriers (presumably) and will be anticipating the lead up to Samsung’s official announcement.

It shouldn’t be too long before we hear more news on an announcement from Samsung. After all, they did say that the Galaxy Note 2 would be launching in the United States sometime this year, and with all of these leaked images and specs on the device coming from carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile, I am almost sure that we’ll be seeing an official announcement in just a few weeks here, possibly even sooner.

Is anyone excited to see the Galaxy Note 2 possibly coming to all four major carriers? Is it good that Verizon might even be carrying it while they also will most likely be carrying Samsung’s biggest competitors to the Galaxy Note 2? I’m personally excited to see that the Note 2 will be seeing carriers like T-Mobile, it’s about time users of that network got some good love from Samsung.

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source: android central

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