Lawsuits Against Samsung Causes Google To Rethink Stance On Patents

Google’s stance on patents is really relaxed, which is why you don’t see Google suing a company every five minutes as opposed to Apple’s much documented “thermonuclear war” style when it comes to defending their “sensible” patents. Due to the constant lawsuits hammering on the walls of some of the top Android manufacturers (mainly Samsung and HTC), Google has decided to change their stance on patents and how they plan to deal with them. According to David Lawee, Google’s VP in corporate development:

“We actually didn’t invest in the patent ecosystem. We weren’t patenting things as aggressively as we should have been. We didn’t really believe rounded corners were patentable. We just didn’t buy into that notion of protecting your IP, and it (referring to Samsung’s landslide loss to Apple) was a wake-up call.”

While Google and Lawlee would much rather have peace in the courtroom, Apple has given Google no choice but to strictly defend any patents that the company owns. It looks like those secret talks with Tim Cook didn’t work out so well. I don’t think we really expected them to either, but many of us were pretty hopeful that they would.  Lawlee continued by saying:

“I’m hoping that we’re kinda over the hump in terms of how people value patents, and the ‘thermonuclear’ world is not the world we’re going to live in.”

It’s very clear that both Google and Lawlee wishes that Apple would stop all of their insanity with these lawsuits. The community surrounding Android probably does too. Suing over rounded corners on a handset is pretty ridiculous. All at the same time though, they realize that that’s just wishful thinking when it comes to Apple and their many patents. We shouldn’t be forgetting about all the power that Google has with their patents though, especially the ones that were most recently acquired after the Motorola Mobility purchase earlier this year.

It’s finally time for Google to put on their boxing gloves and get in the ring against Apple. Google can’t let Apple continue to slowly clobber some of their most powerful vendors like Samsung in the many court battles around the world. Google’s getting ready to fight back, and I don’t think Apple will be too happy about that. In fact, they may find out that they were messing with the wrong operating system (see what I did there?). I’m sure Google will be able to seriously slam Apple with a number of different patents at once.

When Google steps up to file their own lawsuit, this will be quite an epic feud to read about. The two top head honchos going to head to head in the courtroom. I think the world may end as we know it.


source: talk android