Launchport for iPad

Apple’s iPad, a line of tablet computers, has been sold in millions. Apple wasn’t the first one to launch a tablet computer as there have been many tablet computers in the market much before iPad was launched, but iPad started the tablet craze to say the least. Tablets are great for the portability factor they offer, and here’s a company called Launchport, which has brought some revolutionary features to iPad.

LaunchPort is an innovative way to mount and charge your iPad, virtually anywhere. LaunchPort has created an iPad sleeve which has a magnet integrated on the rear. The magnet basically serves as both, a mounting point and inductively charger for the iPad. LaunchPort supports iPad as well as the iPad 2. The Launchport AP3 Sleeve will fit snugly on Apple’s New iPad 3rd generation tablet and the older iPad 2. The magnet on the back of the sleeve lets the iPad attach to the base station, and also lets the user to mount the device on any magnetic surface or a wall mounted charging system, so if you use your iPad in kitchen for recipes, LaunchPort will let you mount the device on the refrigerator’s body.

Below is a commercial of LaunchPort
As seen in the video, the product is very innovative. The system offers a number of ways in which a user can mount and charge the iPad. There’s a wall mount which lets the user hang the iPad on a wall, which is great because this way, the tablet can be used as a photo frame, a note station, digital bulletin board, or as a kiosk system for businesses.

LaunchPort also has a nightstand base station as seen above. This base station can be bought separately for $199. The nightstand base station can be placed on the nightstand or even a desk, which sounds very convenient. As shown in the commercial, the base station also provides a great angle for reading and viewing content. What’s more? It also charges the device.

The sleeve itself costs $149. When an iPad with LaunchPort sleeve is fastened to a base station, it automatically starts charging. As said before, the iPad is mounted on the base station using the magnet located behind the sleeve. The sleeve actually has wires on the inside which connects to the dock connector of the iPad, and that is how the sleeve manages to inductively charge the iPad. Apart from the convenience of charging, the sleeve also has grasping handles using which one can ergonomically hold the device while using.

The ability to hang the iPad on any metal surface is quite intriguing. It can actually change the way one uses iPad. The iPad has always been a great device for kitchen, but mounting has been a problem. Looks like LaunchPort has it solved. The company promises the magnet will hold the iPad in place and it won’t fall off, but I will believe that once I use it first hand.

The $199 wall mounting system does require some initial installation like, cutting a hole in the wall and hooking up the system with power lines, but in the end, you’ll be able to charge your iPad wirelessly on the wall. Will you put your money on this? Connect with us using the comment form below.