Kindle Fire HD rooted

The new Kindle Fire HD came out to the streets less than a week ago, and today we already have a root solution to it. Amazon, the maker of the Kindle series of tablets, has avoided including a lot of features into the Kindle series of tablets to make it more affordable. For example, even though the tablet is based on Google’s Android operating system, the company has decided against including the really awesome Android Play Store, thereby avoiding paying Google any kind of money.

But not having Google Play Store on a tablet also means that you are left out of the pleasure of having a plethora of apps at your fingertips. The Android Play Store offers a lot more apps than the Amazon’s own AppStore, and users of the tablet would certainly want to enjoy the availability of more apps.

The hack, which Android Police says has been tested on the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch, should work without any issues on every other Kindle tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich. But to get the root access on your device, you need to follow a procedure.  And as always, the procedure holds a list of dangers that you may face during the process.

One very dangerous risk is the bricking of the device. Though nowadays you will only be soft bricking your device at the worst case scenario, recovering from that state can be a nightmare. Next, you will be voiding your warranty. So if your device is bricked during the process, do not expect your warranty to cover it for you, not going to happen. Also, rooting may leave a big hole in the operating system of your device for hackers to enter your device. You need to be careful about that.

Now, if you are all ready for rooting your Kindle Fire HF anyway, you can follow this link to get the instructions. All the best.

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