Kim DotCom’s New Megabox Service Will Turn The World “Upside Down”

I’d say that the average tech blog gets a lot of daily traffic, anything from 100,000+ people to 50 million people. That’s a lot, don’t you think? Well, that was easily attainable by former Megaupload founder, Kim DotCom, as he achieved a very substantial goal with his service. Kim Dotcom has had some various legal issues and protests from the anti-piracy supporters, but even in the midst of that, Dotcom is very eager to create his brand new Megabox applications, which could possibly change the entirety of the music industry.

What does this Megabox service do, that makes it so widely known and “important” though? Just a couple of months ago, Kim Dotcom had released a statement on Twitter, describing that his new Megabox application would allow users of it to easily distribute media, and especially music, freely. Earlier this week on Tuesday, he had said that his idea will, “Turn this world upside down,” and that the service will be, “Bigger. Better. Faster. Free of charge & shielded from any attacks.”

Of course, this may not be entirely true, but it is obviously no secret since the Federal Government got hold of the initial Megabox domain, Dotcom surely has something up his sleeve though. His confidence continues to loom high, but he has ensured his supporters that this new application will become available as a multi-platform tool on Android, iOS and PC. Kim Dotcom’s various statements on all of this may be a tad “far-fetched,” but this computer guru really has plans to get this software finished and published by late 2012. I’m not sure the law enforcement is going to be a big problem for him anymore. According to his lawyers and copyright law, he’s not really breaking any rules of the game. What’s going to be the issue, is getting software on the devices, because we may see Google black something like Megabox, and likewise with Apple. There is no way I can imagine Google or Apple letting this type of software on their platform, especially if it also takes a direct hit on their sales figures (due to downloading things from Megabox as opposed to Google Music).

I’m not entirely sure what I think about Megabox as of now. It seems like just another way to rebel against the Federal Government after completely taking down Dotcom’s Megaupload website. On the other hand, an interview that was conducted with Dotcom, he claimed that he was not at fault according to United States law, and it was actually people uploading to Megaupload that were at fault. All Dotcom did was offer a bunch of free bandwidth. It seems weird, but Dotcom has a very good knowledge of United States copyright law, and so do his lawyers. Who knows though? Maybe megabox will turn out to be a huge success.

Anyone curious as to what this could bring to Dotcom in the future? More Federal Government raids? Lawsuits? Let us know in the comments below, surely we have some copyright law geniuses out there!

source: talk android

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  1. It sounds like a take off of pandora. I am a Kim Dotcom fan, so I hope it works out. Whatever happens I can bet that it will be pushing the laws as far as they can stretch. Which is a good thing. the laws don’t seem to help the artists, only the record and movie companies anyway.

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