Jelly Bean source code for International Galaxy S3 LTE (i9305) released

Android users all around the world are waiting to get the latest version of the operating system on their phones for a long time now. But the manufacturers are making the usual delay in delivering the operating system. The reason for this is that the manufacturers have to alter the operating system for each and every smart phone out in the market to get the best performance possible out of it, and this will obviously take a lot of time.

The month of October this year is going to be very important for the Android world, as we are going to see a lot of new devices coming into the market, and also because one of the most popular Android smart phone in the market is going to be its Jelly Bean release. You might have already guessed the smart phone we are talking about, it is the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung’s flagship device.

The South Korean Android smart phone giant has been working on releasing the Jelly Bean update to this smart phone from a few months. And now, it has reached a stage where it can make a part of its efforts public. The company has released the source code of the Jelly Bean kernel for the international version of the Galaxy S III TLE, with the model number i9305. This is not the US LTE version, please make a note of that.

This release would mean very little to most users of the smart phone. But for those who like to root their smart phones and install custom ROMs on them to get more of their devices, this is a very great news. This is because as soon as the kernel source is made available, developers will be able to make use of it to build more stable custom ROMs with a lot more features than the stock ROM.

And pretty soon, we will be able to see the same happening with the Galaxy S III. So are you excited?

Source: Phandroid

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