ITC Ready To Investigate Motorola’s Patent Claims Against Apple

Motorola Mobility recently claimed a few different patents against Apple, which puts Motorola on the attack and Apple on the defensive as Samsung Electronics regroups its lawyers to prepare for another attack on Apple’s 4G LTE in the iPhone 5. Motorola previous filed their initial complaint to the International Trade Commission (ITC) against Apple, fast forward a few weeks and now the ITC is beginning to formally investigate into the complain filed by Motorola. This suit will not affect the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or even the the iPad with 4G LTE, but Motorola’s hope for this lawsuit is this: that the International Trade Commission would recognize the patents filed in Motorola’s claims aren’t the standard-essential ones. This means that Google and their newly acquired weapon, Motorola Mobility, would have at least a slim chance to see the ITC approve of a import ban on some of Apple’s devices courtesy of the ITC.

After last months verdict with Samsung Electronics having to shell out $1+ billion in fines, Google will not back down against the Cupertino egoistic giant. As we all know, Google acquired Motorola Mobility and thus added 17,000 patents or so to its arsenal. With that much at Google’s disposal, there is no doubt that they would retaliate. While Google’s CEO tried to conduct private talks with Apple CEO Tim Cook, it seems those might have just failed as Motorola pushes forward with the lawsuit. Apple is threatening Google’s Android ecosystem and Google isn’t going to give that up easily.

While there really isn’t any further information on the lawsuit, I can tell you this: this lawsuit is going to be far from over. While Motorola has some valid complaints, there’s no doubt that the two companies will not go down without a fight.

Hopefully the ITC deems Motorola’s complaints as valid and Apple will get what they’ve been asking for for the past few months.

source: talk android

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  1. Hope they get it resolved before all the politicians start complaining about the system being broken and putting pressure on the ITC.

    After all, if they think the system is broken, shouldn’t they just fix the patent system and get at the root of the problem?

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