iPhone 5: scratches & light leakage

How would you feel if you bought a new car with a dent on it? Not a good feeling, right? Some of the Apple customers also felt the same when they unpacked the box of their new iPhone 5. Few unlucky buyers got their iPhone 5 with free scratches and nicks out of the box. Yes, you read that right. Many new iPhone owners have reported on various discussion boards and social networking sites that they received their new iPhone 5 with small scratches on their new smartphones. Many noted that the scratches were located near the screen, close to the antenna markers on the side.

We thought it must be an isolated incident, but seems like it is not because multiple users have voiced their concerns about the same. This is what a new iPhone 5 owner, Andy had to say:
“Mine arrived today with small scratches on the right out of the box. Looks like they chipped the anodized coating putting the screen in, and there is a small mark on the lower back too, by the glass section,” said spr97ajm on the MacRumors forums. 

Many users have been blaming the company on various message boards. Some users have taken to social networks like Twitter in order to spread the word. It’s not the first time Apple products have come with minor glitches out of the box. Going back in time, when iPhone 4 was launched in 2010, many owners found that their device’s screen had a yellow tint to them. Apple had promised that the tint or yellow dots would evaporate and disappear in few days, and it actually did. Antennagate is another problem which was widespread and affected all the owners of the Apple iPhone 4 equally. The phone was essentially losing signal strength when it was held in certain manner. The problem was traced back to the fact that iPhone 4 was using its outer metal chassis strip as its antenna, and the company tried to fix the problem by sending out free rubber bumper in order to stop the operator from interfering with the antenna, or an option to return the device. That was indeed a design failure.

The recent “scratched out of the box” incident seems to be production fault. Speaking of production fault, a MacRumors forum member named “Leotno,” has uploaded pictures of his white iPhone 5 revealing considerable light leakage between device’s glass display and the aluminum antenna. BGR, a technology site, has confirmed the problem by posting a picture of their own unit having the exact same light leakage problem. They say the problem could be because there’s a small crack on few unlucky units of iPhone 5 located just below the power button. As of now, it’s not sure whether this is an isolated incident or a widespread issue, nevertheless, after all these incidents, Apple is losing credibility when it comes to build quality of devices. What’s your view on this? Let us know using the comment form below.

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