iPhone 5 jailbroken successfully

iPhone 5 was announced recently and launched officially on 22nd. The iPhone 5 isn’t a revolutionary phone as such. There are few changes of course, and the main one being the processor itself. The iPhone 5 is backed by an A6 chip which is up to two times faster than the A5 chip but 22 per cent smaller. It runs iOS 6 out of the box. We all love freedom, so how about jailbreaking the brand new iPhone 5?

Well, the iPhone 5 has been already jailbroken even before we thought. That’s how fast the developer community has become. The iPhone 5 was successfully jailbroken on the launch day itself, which is remarkable. Popular and respected iPhone developer, chpwn, tweeted a screenshot of iPhone 5’s homescreen with Cydia icon, and yes, the picture has a resolution 1136 x 640 which coincides with the resolution of the new iPhone 5’s screen.

You may doubt the credibility of the above image, but it’s from chpwn (Grant Paul) and he has been an active member of the community for so many years that he has grown the credibility for himself. Also, it’s not like Apple has patched the loop holes required to add an unlocked bootloader to the device as developers have already jailbroken iOS 6 on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and 4th-gen iPod Touch. The iOS 6 jailbreak was accomplished by iPhone Dev-Team recently, so it’s obvious that the next step is towards iPhone 5, but we expected it to be done a bit late as it’s equipped with a new A5 chip, but seems like we were wrong.

The screenshot of homescreen was published first, but many people doubted that it could be just a bookmark icon that is made to look like Cydia app, however, MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev-Team has retweeted chpwn’s tweet saying that the news is indeed true and iPhone 5 has been jailbroken successfully. Another screenshot was tweeted by chpwn, and this time it was displaying the Cydia interface itself. If iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 has in fact already been jailbroken, it has been done way faster than iOS 5, which took several months. The Cydia app, however, doesn’t look like it is ready to be released for public consumption. It’s okay for developers to take their own sweet time to give the app the much needed polishing so that users get bug free experience, nevertheless, it’s a great progress and the actual jailbreak should be out in a few days and by then more people will get their hands on the new iPhone 5.
Last year, it took several months for a stable untethered jailbreak to be released. The screenshot shows that the Cydia app fits the new resolution and is not letterboxed. The jailbreak has been indeed achieved and it is legit, as confirmed by the developer community themselves. If you have an older iOS device, a simple googling will reveal several guides on how you can jailbreak iOS6.

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