iPhone 5 Issues: Apple flagship can easily be discolored, scratched and chipped off

iPhone 5, despite its popularity and cool features, comes with somewhat rare superficial problem. Some owners reported that they received their units with spots of chipped off paint. This iPhone 5 chipping issue can easily be spotted on Black & Slate-colored units but owners of White & Silver units also reported the same. This leaves an impression that Apple’s quality team flunked on this aspect.

It’s Apple’s tradition to release new iPhones and iPads each year with lots of improvements and features added to attract new customers and retain old ones. However, it seems like each unit released, especially the iPhone, has signature issues. Majority of iPhone 4 owners were plagued with antennagate issue and iPhone 4S owners with battery life problem. iPhone 5’s issue is rather superficial as it is only paint-deep but it can surely make Apple’s precious flagship look bad.

iPhone 4 and 4S were released with hard glass back making them more durable than previous models. iPhone 5 comes with anodized aluminum back panel to make its casing lighter. But the thing is, this metal has a default chrome or silvery color and what Apple did was to anodize it to come with whatever color its designers want for the device. The problem is that anodized aluminum can easily be discolored and since it is softer than any other metals, it can easily be scratched and the color be chipped off.

Another problem with anodized aluminum is that it is highly reactive to a lot of chemicals and substances that even a drop of Coke would be enough to create a blemish on iPhone 5’s back casing. But the problem does not stop there. The color can also be chipped off when the smartphone is dropped either accidentally or intentionally. To demonstrate, I might as well point you to Android Authority that conducted a drop test face-off between iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

These cases are, of course, be addressed by Apple and at the end of the day units with chipped off paint would or might be replaced. For residents in the U.S., that would be a perfect solution but not to the people who have imported their devices to other countries.

So far, Apple hasn’t released an official statement regarding this problem. Let’s wait and see what Tim Cook would have to say about it. But just so to make it clear, there were only a few reported cases of units with few chipped off paint along the edges. The company is now facing a few software-related problems, especially the iOS 6 Maps issue, and hardware-related ones.

Source: GSM Arena

Images: Mac Rumors | Overclockers UK