iPhone 4S can take panorama shots too

Apple announced the new iPhone 5 last week. The Cupertino tech giant says that there are more than 200 new features in the iPhone 5 compared to the not so older iPhone 4S. One of the most amazing features, which can easily get the attention of an average smart phone user, is the updated camera hardware and software. Apple officials at the event said that the camera hardware assembly is 25% smaller on the iPhone 5 compared to that on the iPhone 4S. And there are a lot of new features in the hardware alone, such as dynamic low light mode, sapphire crystal lens cover, and a lot more.

Coming to the software part of the camera, the new update Camera app on the iPhone 5 lets users take panorama shots, something that the iPhone has been missing out on till now. I do not know why, but this feature was present on Java phones even half a decade back. But even the iPhone and the Android OS did not feel the necessity to include this little feature till their recent releases (Android got the panorama feature in the Ice Cream Sandwich release).

iOS 6, the new operating system which runs on the new iPhone 5, has this new updated Camera app. But if you have an iPhone 4S now and want to buy an iPhone 5 only for this panorama feature, you need to take another look at this. The new official comparison of the iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4 on Apple’s website clearly mentions that the iPhone 4S will also be able to take panorama shots. How? Well, you just need to update the OS on your 4S to the latest iOS 6, which will be made available worldwide by Apple on the 19th of this month.

The iOS 6 Gold Master release (the near-final version of the iOS 6 OS) has this mode enabled on the iPhone 4S. So now, do you really need to upgrade to an iPhone 5 from an iPhone 4S?

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