iPad Mini Wi Fi only mock up video online

The 7 inch tablet market is an ever growing one, ever since budget and really good specked tablets started coming out to the market. But Steve Jobs, the ex CEO of Apple, always thought that the proper size for a tablet was 9.8 inches, that is how big the iPad is. But from some time, there have been rumors that the Cupertino tech giant has been working on a smaller version of the world’s most popular tablet, with a 7.85 inch screen. This however, is not officially confirmed.

Ever since the rumor started, we have seen a lot of mock up images and videos of the device on the internet, and today we have another one. This video, which comes from the unofficial Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara, is a mock up of what looks like a Wi Fi only iPad mini model. This video went online on Friday. Apple Insider writes:

While the mockup revealed on Friday is obviously a dummy model possibly purchased from the same source as the previous video, as evidenced by the thin plastic front screen covering what looks to be icons printed on paper, seemingly non-functioning buttons and questionable bezel size, it is missing the tell-tale black plastic insert on the device’s rear shell which serves as a window for cellular radio signals.

Although merely speculation, the replica bears a striking resemblance to a previously photographed mockup seen in another two week-old report. It seems the related videos and images all came from models sourced from the same person or company, however that too cannot be confirmed.

Since there is no official confirmation or a hint of any sort towards the iPad mini, I suggest you do not get under the impression that Apple is really working on this mini iPad. It would be really good if the company does really release a smaller tablet, but keeping hopes is not the best thing to do.

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