iOS-like notifications coming to iCloud web apps

With the release of the new iPhone 5 and the accompanying new operating system, iOS 6, Apple is working to make the overall user experience iOS-like. In the new iOS 6, we have seen a lot of iCloud integration. The new photo sharing service with “like” and “comments” like those on Facebook, the Cuperitno based tech giant is working hard on combining social network, mobile telephony, business, and personal lives together, giving one unified service to its customers.

In an attempt to make this happen, the company has now updated the web apps on its iCloud service to reflect the look and feel iOS, its mobile operating system found on all of its post PC devices.

If you have an iCloud account, which you certainly will if you have an iPad or an iPhone, you will now be able to see the changes when you access it from a browser. There is a new notifications bar just like the one in iOS which will alert you of new incoming notification, be it a new email, event reminder, or the like.

The little badges on app icons indicating the number of notifications on that particular app is nothing new to us. We have seen such badges from the very first version of the operating system. Now though, the company has taken it a step further and has brought the same notification system to the iCloud web apps as well.

Now, you will see those badges indicating the number of unread emails, or the number of meetings you have scheduled for today, etc., even in the web interface. Well, how do you get those? Simple, just keep a tab or a window of your browser open with the iCloud website loaded and signed in. Keeping the window open is necessary to get these real time notifications. If you call this a drawback of the service, most real time browser based web apps also require to be kept open for real time notifications to work. So you will just have to get used to it.

Source: BGR