Intel Preparing Next-Gen, Dual Core Medfield LTE Devices

If there’s one problem with the Medfield-based Intel smartphone chips when comparing them to the ARM-based chips, it’s that they do not support any kind of 4G LTE connectivity. Intel is currently in the process of trying to change that “later this year and ramping into 2013.” Intel’s current Medfield devices feature Hyperthreading which make them “appear” to have multi-cores, but they’re looking to move into the true multi-core device in hopes of trying to gain a foothold with the varying U.S carriers. Intel isn’t complete ready to jump into the quad-core offerings just yet, but their dual-core phones will still be featuring the Hyperthreading technology, thus acting like a quad core device. It’s fairly cool technology, and buys Intel some time to get a true quad core device out. I’m personally curious as to how this will play out in the smartphone market due to so many consumers wrapped up on the specs of handsets. It’s also worth noting that by the time we see new quad core Intel devices, it’s very well possible that potential buyers wanting true quad core devices will go elsewhere. Intel is, in my opinion, really late to the party here.

source: talk android