Intel-powered Motorola RAZR i’s price revealed

Google’s Motorola announced its new flagship Razr I smartphone few days back. Motorola Razr I is the second Intel powered smartphone coming to the UK, first being the Intel AZ210. The Intel AZ210 is sold in various markets around the world and is called by different names. It is marketed as XOLO X900 in India, Orange San Diego in the United Kingdom and Megafon Mint in Russia. The Intel AZ210 is manufactured by Taiwanese manufacturer Gigabyte on behalf of Intel, and the quality is pretty great. It features an Intel Atom CPU with HT which runs at 1.6 GHz and uses Atom SoCAtom Z2460 (codename Medfield). The Intel AZ210 uses 4.03 inch display with a resolution of WSVGA (1024×600) supports 16 Million colors.

Even the Motorola Razr I is a pretty robust phone. The “I” in the name stands for Intel. Razr i is worth understanding as it’s a product that is manufactured as a result of joint effort of four companies – Android, Google, Intel and Motorola. As we already know, despite Intel being the biggest semiconductor processor manufacturer, it hardly has any shares in the mobile market. With the Medfileld, Intel took the first step towards broadening its x86 architecture to reach the mobile world. As of now, the whole mobile market is dominated by ARM.

The Razr I has a pretty great design. It has borrowed design elements from Motorola’s much popular Razr and Defy series of handsets. The smartphone features rounded edges and corners and has a back panel with Kevlar pattern which makes it look robust. Also what sets it apart are the industrial looking screws lining its outer edges which gives it an industrial feel. The design is thin and beautiful and has dimensions of 122.5 x 60.9 x 8.3 mm. What’s special about this phone is that it is packing a 2GHz single-core processor – the first time a phone has packed such a powerful single-core chip and also first Intel powered Motorola.

‘Together with Intel, we’re redefining what people can expect from a mobile device. A camera that launches in an instant, Web pages that load blazingly fast and a device that’s the perfect balance of screen size and fit in hand,’ said Jim Wicks, senior vice president, Consumer Experience Design, Motorola Mobility.

The phone is desired by many people, but pricing is not known as of now. UK retailer Clove announced that it will be about £342 (around $555), but since many of the buyers will be getting the cost subsidized handset via carriers, below is the pricing for buyers from UK:

VIRGIN MEDIA: Available in all channels (retail, telesales and online) starting at £23.

T-MOBILE: Free from £31 per month on a 24 month plan.

ORANGE: Free from £31 per month on a 24 month plan.

The handset is expected to go on sale this October. What are your thoughts on this Intel powered device? Would you buy it over an ARM based Android phone? Let us know using the comment form below.

Source: PhoneArena

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