Intel confirms dual-core Medfield chip with LTE

Intel has been trying hard to get into the smart phone market ever since Apple released the ARM based mobile processor for its post PC products, the iPhone for instance. The desktop processor giant released the Medfield processor with single core and 3G capability built it. Now, the company has confirmed to release a new dual core Medfield processor with 4G LTE built in. The reason why the processor has not been doing good in the US but only in Europe, China, Russia, India and South America is because of this.

Manufacturers and users in the US look for 4G LTE smart phones and not just 3G smart phones, and having an Intel processor and a separate chip to handle 4G LTE, and then interfacing the both is a mess and most of them would not be willing to take so much of headache.

According to Intel Director of Product Marketing, Sumeet Syal, Intel-powered devices with LTE support will be shipping “later this year and ramping into 2013.” Even though most of the companies are sending dual core and quad core processors, Syal thinks that the important thing is not to measure how the chips perform, but how many instructions per clock the chip can execute.

Syal says that this is credited to the multithreading capability of the chips, the same technology that the company’s desktop chips use, and which is also a well received technology. The company’s new processors are really catching up in the mobile smart devices world. But it is still to see how the company will shine in the US market with the new LTE integrated chip.

The multi billion dollar market is one of the best markets to make money, and also one of the best markets to lose money. Intel has invested a lot of non recurring engineering costs to the development of the chips, and it is now up to the developers to decide how much profit Intel will make.

Source: Electronista