Insider Confirms New Rumored HTC Device is Droid Incredible x (DIx) Phablet

Rumors of a new HTC phablet heading to Verizon have been doing rounds since April but it wasn’t until last weekend that there was credible confirmation from an HTC insider that the phablet whose benchmark results leaked out in July is real.  However, there are no clear images of the new tablet and neither can we confirm that the specs rumored will be what the 5 incher will come with when it is launched, most likely before or during the holiday season this year.

The HTC DIx phablet (HTC 6435LVW) is a 5 incher tablet and smartphone hybrid that sports Qualcomm’s new 1.5 GHz quad core S4 Pro processor, it will have 1.5 GB of RAM, Adreno 320 graphics chip and a screen resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels (1080p High Definition display).  Could this be HTC’s final jab at ending its financial woes brought about by stiff competition from such manufacturers as Samsung, LG and Motorola?

The new Qualcomm S4 Pro chip (SoC) benchmark results show this is a true shaker – even better than the Tegra 3 processor in performance.  The GPU inside the S4 pro is quite impressive too and has been proven to rival the GPU in Apple’s iPad.  Most smartphones that will have the S4 Pro chip with Adreno 320 will obviously have resolutions below 2048 X 1566 meaning that the GPU’s power will not be fully utilized which is a good thing.

The specs of the HTC 6435 phablet dubbed IDx were confirmed by an HTC insider according to HTC-Source.  We learn that one of the most impressive features of the new phablet is the 480 ppi display density – personally I think this sets the new standard for smartphone and tablet displays beating Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s ppi of 267 ppi by far and the soon-to-be-released Oppo 5 with 441ppi.  One let down on the specs though is the 16GB onboard memory but I hope that HTC will provide optional 32GB and 64GB phablets especially since the leaked specs point out that the phablet will not have a microSD card slot for memory expansion.  There was no mention either of what Android version the new phablet will be running on but I hope it comes with Android Jelly bean 4.1.

For now, all these incredible features and a blurry image are just a speculation, but if HTC is working on such a phablet, then it may have found its calling and is just about to enter the map of incredible devices.  But then, why does HTC have to be second all the time, especially to Samsung?  Even if they manage to table the Droid Incredible x, can they beat the excitement generated by Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Whether it is real or fake, the news of this new device have excited me and I hope that it is HTC’s answer to Samsung’s Note 2.  For now, we will keep an eye out for updates and rumors.  If we come across any, you will read them here.