iCloud Launched By Apple Amidst Some Few Issues

Earlier this week, Apple launched its awaited cloud service to the world known as the iCloud.

No longer in beta stage, the site is now available to millions of Apple devices users so they can have easily share their files over multiple devices.  iCloud site features iWork, Find My Phone, Reminder app and Notes app. iCloud will also automatically sync with their Mac and iOS counterparts.

Find My Phone, has an amazing feature that allows users to lock their phone in case they lost it or the phone is stolen. The app can send a contact number  to the device so it will be easier to  call up the owner.

The new Mail Web application features a VIP list that sends an alert when it receives an e-mail from chosen contacts.

Another change to the service is the replacement of the outage-plagued MobileMe, an online storage service allowing storage of files that Apple’s shut in June because of constant service breakdowns. The new replacement now allows users  to store up to 5 GB worth of files like stored documents, app data, settings, and iOS device backups. Digital contents like videos, music, books, or apps bought from Photo Stream and Apple’s store don’t count against the 5-GB limit.

If users need bigger storage spaces they can choose to upgrade their free capacity to 10 GB, 20 GB, and 50 GB for @20, $40, and $100 per year fee respectively.

The launch was not without a glitch as some users complained about some difficulty accessing their emails. Apple acknowledged the problem but said that it only affected about 1.1% of users. Days after the launch though, Apple seem to be still in the works as some customers are still yet to get a resolution. Some users are also reporting delays and other problems on their iOS devices, Macs, and with their Webmail interface on site.

Apple has not indicated what the problem is but it promises its customers that the services will be fixed as soon as possible.

source: cnet

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