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Huawei’s New Emotion UI

Huawei is a fast growing Chinese company whose influence in the telecommunication field has largely been boosted by its wide range of 3G modems.  During this year’s IFA conference in Germany, Huawei has not been left behind.  Besides announcing 6 new Android devices, the company also had some exciting news for its fans with Android gadgets – brand new user interface for Android devices.

Truth is that although there are so many Android devices in the market and more are being released each month, manufacturers are focused on making their devices as productive and as appealing to end users as possible – even if it means just altering the user interface of the operating system.  The new Emotion user interface from Huawei may seem pointless but sometimes a sleek and unique interface may be all one needs to buy a particular device.

The Emotion UI aims at attracting the younger generation of users and gets rid of the app drawer in entirety.  This means that applications are added on the homescreen – moving, changing or deleting them can now be performed right on the homescreen.  The interface also has some added Widgets and provides a larger empty space on the homescreen.  Huawei made all these changes because, according to their press release, a phone is supposed to be easier to use even for a first time Android user.

One of the major concerns I have though is the removal of the app drawer – in my opinion someone who has used android before should have gotten used to the idea of application drawer and may find it difficult to manipulate applications right from the homescreen.  If you are like me, you will end up installing tens of applications on your device and it can be difficult to arrange all the apps on different screens – even when you do remembering which one is where may be a challenge.  The drawer simplifies finding apps because they are all sorted alphabetically for easy finding.

What I like about the new UI is the skins that the user installs to personalize the device, albeit basically.  As long as the skins are light enough so as not to hinder the device’s performance, then they will significantly improve a user’s experience using the Huawei Android device.  Huawei included the ‘Profiles’ feature which can be customized and saved for easy switching and changing settings without going to individual setup page.

What do you think of Huawei’s new Emotion user interface intended to appeal to the younger generation?  Do you think this would influence your decision whether to buy an Android device?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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