Huawei wants to build its own mobile OS

Although not a very popular brand in the U.S. yet, Huawei, the Chinese cellphone maker reached out to Reuters to announce the company’s strategy to create its own operating system as a fail-safe system in the event that its partners will no longer allow it to access their OS. Huawei is currently in partnership with Google and Microsoft to use their operating systems for mobile.

The announcement come amidst the high-profile legal battles between big mobile makers Samsung and Apple, and Microsoft’s restriction of its partner, Acer, to use the operating system of Alibaba, which Google claims to be an incompatible modification of Android.

Huawei’s main source of income is its business in providing inexpensive networking equipment to companies around the world but it has slowly built up its reputation in the U.S. in selling smartphones. Currently, the company is investing in the establishment of its name to consumers, especially in the U.S., where its commercials were shown in the recent Olympics.

Most of Huawei’s phones in the U.S. are unknown still. Many of its phones are sold as unbranded to low-cost carriers like MetroPCS. Abroad, Huawei sells a wide range of mobile products including thin, powerful, and attractive phones. It currently tries to build up its Android and Windows phone lineup. It also joins in the new race of selling “phablets”, a hybrid of phones and tablets.

The U.S. government is wary of Huawei because the company is believed to have ties to Chinese government and military. It has been subjected to a number of congressional hearings to see if the company is a threat to the United States.

source:  CNET