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HTC teases the new phone with September 19th launch

HTC has been releasing teasers of its new device with the date 19th September clearly mentioned for some time now. Just yesterday, the company released another teaser on its Facebook fan page with a corner shot of new device with the caption “19.9”, which clearly means 19th September, today. So what does this mean?

This clearly means that the Taiwanese company is going to release a new, at least one new, device today. Can that be a new smart phone, or a new tablet? I guess a tablet would be too much to ask for. We all know, and many people do believe, that the company has a new Windows Phone 8 device in the works and that could be the device shown in the picture. But some do also believe that a Windows Phone 8 would not be released so soon.

There has been another rumor for months now, that the Taiwanese smart phone giant has a new Android smart phone in the works, which goes by the name HTC One X+. We have seen a lot of evidence which could possibly support this rumor. But nothing is clear yet. In just a few hours, we would know what exactly the company had planned for.

Apple has already done its part for the year by announcing the new iPhone, the iPhone 5, which had been awaited for from a long time. So its time for other companies to get done with their parts as well. But what do you think? Windows Phone 8 device, or an Android device, or a new tablet? Let’s wait and watch.

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