HTC One X+ New Specs Revealed on Twitter

HTC has been facing financial problems of late in the wake of stiff competition in the smartphone market and with tablets too.  As they strive to regain their footing and win back the smartphone market, HTC is pulling all stops, including introducing devices with quite impressive specs.  One of the most anticipated smartphones from HTC this year is the HTC One X+, an improvement of the high end One X that the company released back in February.

We came across some rumors last month on the specs of the One X+ but based on a tweet from a reliable source week, HTC’s new smartphone has what it takes to dethrone Samsung Galaxy S3 from the top android smartphone slot.  We are now edging closer to discovering the specifics of the smartphone’s features and specifications.  The earlier specs and features had been confirmed by HTC but it appears that HTC improved on the earlier specs of the of the smartphone.

According to the tweet above, you can see that the HTC One X+ is 134.36 X 69.9 X 9.3 mm and weighs only 129 grams.  It will sport a 1.6GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 32GB onboard memory and 1GB RAM.  More good news for geeks anticipating the best smartphone yet is that the phone will most likely come with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and Sense 4.5 user interface.  Battery-wise, as with HTC’s tradition, the battery will be non-removable and it will be an 1,800mAh just like its predecessor’s.

You may argue that One X+ is not that much different from One X, especially since the One X has a quad core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex processor, the same 1GB RAM and 32GB onboard memory.  Well, the major difference is the processing power.  With a Tegra 3 quad core processor, the One X+ offers better processing and even better GPU performance than the One X.  Besides, the phone has improved features such as compatibility with PS3 and Xbox 360 games and better interface.

Are you excited about the One X+? there is no official word from HTC on this phone’s features or any details, but as time passes, it is becoming more and more likely we may not get the One X+ before the holidays in the fourth quarter of 2012.  For new, we just have to wait.

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  1. I own the black OneX with Tegra3, it is like a katana sword amongst plastic butter knives to other phone’s, THAT’S how premium this trully high tech computer is! its like a Batman’s phone, HTC design is truly astaunding, since very beginning, THEY NEED more exposure, people need to know what they can do! I am going to trade in my OneX for OneX+ and I’m going to buy it directly. its such an ultra advanced device, I can’t stop being amazed how its so humble and elegant and rich and simple at the same time! I know, I’m in love! Ps, after latest firmware, Quadrant score is 5934…GalaxyS3 got eaten alive…oh wait Tegra T37 with new 32nm QuadCore and 24 core gpu iz the brains behind the 1X+!dammmm!I always dreamed of a device combining HTC’s perfectionism powered by nVidia, the guys who invented the graphics chip. Both super passionate teams of creative bright minds! did I mention oneX is perfectly balanced? you can spin it like a basketball on your finger!…HTC….WOW….go go go go! sooooo harddd at work, not greedy, I just admire their team!

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