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HTC One X 5 Surfaces On Chinese Social Network Sina Weibo

HTC’s very mysterious 5 inch handset headed for Verizon has been the highlight of a number of different rumors over the past few months. We’ve even gotten the chance to see blurry-cam shots of the handset. However, we may have just found the very first clear look at HTC’s “phablet” device, as the image above has appeared on a Chinese social network called Sina Weibo. In the very top left corner of the image, it has been labeled the “HTC One X 5.” This is the absolute first time we have seen this name placed with the rumored 5 inch handset.

While the image is in low resolution, it’s details enough that we can see a few key points on this device. With it headed to Big Red, the black design with red accents and Beats Audio branding will make a fairly nice device. It seems to have both a rear and front facing camera too. On the screen seems to be the standard simulated image that we’ve seen from past HTC One renders, as it always seems to display the same time place, Barcelona on Febuary 26th. Of course, there’s always the old Android Market icon planted on the home screen. That said, we can’t really take anything off of the home screen, as it really does not show anything of value to the phone. As always though, there is no guarantee whatsoever that this image is the HTC One X. There are always those silly fake (or prototype) renders that leak out before the devices actual release, and let us not forget the dreaded fan art that random people on the internet like to take and claim it is so and so device. That said, it’s very well possible that this just isn’t legit. Besides that, the fact that this is in low resolution means that it’s extremely easy to edit and do things with in Photoshop or any image manipulator.

As you all know, HTC has this really huge event set up in New York City for this Wednesday, so it is very, very possible that the “One X 5” — or “Droid Incredible X,” as the Verizon variant’s rumored to be named — will be making its first appearance there. However, Verizon may just want to be saving this flagship handset for CTIA, or some other standalone event. Of course, as of now, details are pretty scarce and we really won’t be hearing a whole lot until the actual event.With leaks surfacing though, it’s very possible that we will see this device at the event in New York City, as this was the exact same thing that happened with numerous Samsung and Motorola devices before their event(s).

With all of that said, you should take this with an extremely large grain of salt, as these images really don’t tell as much as we need them too.

UPDATE: Austroid has reported that this image is actually a piece of fan art. You can see the original art on his Flickr Stream here.


source: Android Central

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