HTC May be Working on a low budget 7 Inch Flyer 2 Jelly Bean Tablet

Last week, I read a sews article on Digitimes that HTC has been working on a new low cost Jelly Bean tablet, probably a successor to the HTC Flyer.  The rumor said that HTC was aiming at releasing the table sometime before the end of the year and would come with Jelly Bean operating system.

In a move to take advantage of the passionate wave for 7 inch tablets created by Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, HTC may be working on an affordable but mid-range tablet that rivals the nexus 7.  There were earlier reports that HTC was completing a new 10 inch tablets (in fact some pictures popped up in some websites) but so far there has not been any credible reports to back it up.  The blurry pictures were either faked or the development of the 10 incher is still a concept.

Whatever the case, the 7 inch low cost tablet seems more realistic and it would make much more sense if HTC wants to take on Google Nexus 7 and the newly released Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.  The Flyer 2 as it may be called will probably have better specs than the Nexus and the iPad mini which is yet to be released by Apple.

What I don’t understand is why HTC would want to make a second edition of a tablet that rose and crashed and burned overnight.  The Flyer was never a success despite its early entry into the market, the most reasonable cause being its exorbitant price tag.  The undisclosed source of this rumor goes ahead to list a few specs of the tablet which include a 7 inch 1280 X 768 pixels screen, a dual core Snapdragon S4 processor, Android 4.1 jelly bean, Dual cameras – rear 3 MP and front 1MP and a thickness of only 0.28 inches (about 7.1mm).

If these specs are right, then this is something to look forward to, unless of course HTC messes it up with the pricing.  Frankly, unless it is priced less than the price of Nexus 7 and comes with 16 or 32GB inbuilt memory and a microSD card slot, I doubt if it will be a serious competitor to the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire or iPad mini for that case.

HTC is currently having financial issues and it is very important that this tablet, if it indeed comes to the market, is a success, they really need it to make an impact.  So far, it appears like a gadget I would get, but until we can see the finer specs, let us take it as a rumor – a good one.