HTC Holding United States Event On September 19th; New Devices Possibly To Be Revealed

HTC is revealing a lot of new devices and I think we can now expect more devices to be revealed as HTC is getting ready to unleash an arsenal of new handsets and devices in just a couple of weeks. Just this afternoon Android Central had received a “Save the Date” reminder (as you can see above) and has invited them to an event in New York City on September 19th. As someone that’s not a huge fan of HTC, this event really doesn’t have me very excited. Honestly, I’m more excited over the Intel event in London and even the iPhone 5 release. I guess the only thing I am looking forward to seeing is HTC’s rumored tablet. Still, what you might find interested is that Android Central’s sister website, WPCentral, has also received this same “Save the Date” invitation. That’s really odd because it’s mainly all about Windows Phone. Does this mean HTC could be hinting at some new Windows Phone 8 devices along with their Android lineup that they have to reveal? I think so as Windows Phone Central has been hearing rumors of a HTC “Accord” or “8X” over the past few days. We’ll just have to see what far that goes at the event on the 19th.

That aside, if we go to the Android side of things, as I mentioned earlier we could be seeing an iMac-themed tablet. If you’ve seen the rumors and photo leaks about it, it looks fairly interesting. I’m not sure how well it’ll turn out when it comes to Apple’s patents, but it will be interesting to see an HTC tablet running Sense 4.1. We’re also supposedly supposed to see a Verizon-bound 1080p 5 inch devices that will sort of be competing with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. At least, that’s what rumors have been saying. Whatever the case is with these devices, I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing some good devices instead of the standard iterations of the iPhone or some other Android manufacturer’s phone. While we won’t be at the event, we’ll make sure to keep you guys updated as to what’s happening at the event.

Does anyone else have any rumors that’s supposed to show up at the event? Do you have any hopes on devices that HTC will be revealing and/or releasing at the event? I know a lot of us are looked forward to seeing that iMac-themed tablet but, are you looking forward to a 5 inch smartphone from HTC? It sounds interesting and if it’s supposed to be competing with Samsung Electronics’s Galaxy Note II, it’ll be really interesting to see how it’ll compete. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sense 4.1 vs TouchWiz. That would d be pretty amazing. Again, if you have heard any other rumors for the event, let us know and we’ll be sure to take a look into it!

Whatever your opinion on the event is, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

source: Android Central

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